Saturday, April 26, 2008

3 dreams

None of these are fully remembered at this point...

1. I got the job. I was at the library I interviewed at, and all the other people who worked there celebrated with me.

2. I was with a team of archaeologists excavating some egyptian pyramids in a mayan jungle. We went into a room in the structure that had been fully excavated and there was a little pyramid inside. The room was about 15 ft x 15ft and the little pyramid was about 8 ft x 8 ft, set up on a few steps and towards the back wall. The archaeologists lifted a thick shell off of the little pyramid to reveal a smaller purple pyramid within, which had an eye near the top and a mouth about halfway up it. It opened the eye and started talking to us. It had a female voice and talked a lot. It told us about how long it had been hibernating and how lonely it had gotten and how no one had visited it in thousands of years. We got a bit annoyed at its constant talking.

Later I talked to some other humanoid aliens. Later I left the planet on a spaceship fashioned after the one from Futurama into an animated-looking outer space.

3. I was on a bridge like the land bridge at Reed before the salmon ladder was installed. Up towards the "cross-canyon" side there was a large white marble temple in which some gods lived. They showed themselves as little girls, but they were eaters of souls. Some celebrities were being led towards the temple, and I tried to keep them from going in. They were old, but it wasn't yet their time to die. Two of them were led into the temple by the girl-gods, but one woman with silvery-white shoulder length hair allowed me to take her away from there. A group of us went away towards another building a bit past the other end of the bridge.

As we moved away from the temple, a hoard of beast-men grew and started to chase us. We took up arms if we had them to fight. We ran into the building into a long room with a series of square nooks off of it, much like a modern version of a ballroom in a medieval castle in France that I saw in the summer of 1996.

Almost exactly like this (if those little recessed window areas were deep):We got into this room, and the hoard followed. We battled, taking old rusty axes and spears off of the walls, and peeling metal bars back from the windows. I bent some of the window irons back and placed them in line with a boar-man's head and called to my friend to shove him. He was skewered neatly through the face and neck without a sound.

It was crowded and hard to take good swings at our foes and our weapons were too old and rusty to do much damage without momentum behind them to swing through. A guy who might have been on my side started shoving a 3 foot wide axe blade at me, and I could only defend against it and not attack. But then, it was announced throughout the hall that the battle was resolved and we could stop fighting.

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