Monday, September 3, 2012

Ripe Fruit

I picked a bowl of apples off of my apple tree, to see if they were any good. And then I let them sit overnight, and they developed a lot of red color and were delicious and one was pumpkin sized and had bits of blue cheese marbled through it (but otherwise still tasted like a fresh, crisp, juicy apple. And then I noticed a papaya tree growing in my living room, and went over and picked a bunch to determine if they were any good (since obviously I'd neglected out of lack of noticing it). Some were a bit overripe, but some seemed good (didn't taste any.)

Then I asked someone (R?) to cut off a slice of the apples to try, but he found one that was weird and green-orange and seedy like a pumpkin inside and I saw that it was dark green on the outside, and I exclaimed along the lines of, "not that bad one, try a good one!"

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