Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday Night Horrorshow

My friend and I were breaking into a weird little strip-mall coffee shop and some pan-dimensional bad guys/police were trying to track me and my friend down but they couldn't really quite see us unless we were casting a shadow between them and a light source (though, to us, the world and them were all normal-visible).

At some point during this, we were in a very bright hallway, with bright-colored wallpaper, and I had an exterior view of myself as a darkened-shadow being that they could see. Later, at the coffee-shop and in its parking lot, it was the middle of the night, and everything was in dark blues and greys. The police guys had a large, dark blue van, and at one point I hid behind it from them, and my feet were almost seen, till I moved behind one of the wheels. It was nerve-wracking.

We eluded them, and they left. It was about daybreak and we went off to a third person's car which was sort of parked-in, in this strange little city parking lot that was very mossy around the pavement. The car was a small white hatchback, and we had to back it out down this very high, steep curb, to an alley/driveway area. I was concerned that the car would bottom out, but I was able to do this very quickly without issue. But then heading out of the driveway to the street, in front of us, there were 4 or 5 identical Japanese girls in white dresses, dark sunglasses, and pink hair bows.

These girls had their stuff in the road, so we stopped just before them and gestured at them through the windshield for them to move their stuff. They responded "Oh, thank you, most people would have just driven over us." Then they gestured that I should open my window and I shook my head no, and told them to move their stuff again. But they insisted again and again, so I cracked my window, and of course, the lead girl started reaching in and trying to strangle me with her ghost-vampire hands. I pushed her back, trying to cram her back out the window and trying to put the window back up but I didn't have enough hands to do all of this. I looked back through the car, and saw out the rear window that the car was now a sedan-style, taxi-yellow car, and some of the other monster girls had opened the trunk, and were cramming something into it. I couldn't quite get the idea across to my passenger in the front seat that she should help me get the window closed, and I worried about what was being put into the trunk -- if we could get away, what would we be bringing with us?

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