Friday, November 9, 2007

Early 2006?

It's a bright sunny day and I'm in my apartment in Portland. I've just walked out of my bedroom to the bathroom to do my morning mirror-stare. I look in the mirror and notice that things don't work quite right in it. Scariness potential abounds and I know better than to stay there. I'm slow and stuck, I have to grab the door frame and pull myself through with all my might. Once I'm out in the hall things are sunny again though.

I walk out into my living room and greet my cats. I see a stick and twig broom that Robin's aunt gave me a few years prior and I decide to go flying. I pick it up, take a seat, and Soma hops on. I encourage Robespierre to join us, but he refuses. He intends to stay with my physical form. I persuade him to just try the broom, but he weighs it down. He and Soma both get back off, and I go on without them.

I fly out my front door, across the parking lot, and out over the street, staying on the second-floor level at which I started. It is still bright and sunny, despite the sky being all white. Half a block from home, I fly above two men walking down the middle of the street. One is tall, skinny and blue, and the other is not tall, but not short, red and round. Otherwise, they are average people. I pause to ask them a suggestion of where to go, and they point north, down a cross-street, saying that there are some really good looking men in a town just a few blocks that way. I take their advice.

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